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If you’re looking for a massive, fluffy goofball to share your couch and lap, look no further than 4-year-old Boris! We rescued Boris from the streets of Sunset Park, Brooklyn; he was filthy and in rough shape but a total love bug from the very start. Shortly after being rescued, we found that Boris had many serious injuries likely sustained from trauma outdoors; including an abscess in his abdomen, a pretty serious ear infection and the need for some tooth extractions. After a couple months of doctors visits and some much needed TLC, Boris is healthy and ready for his forever home!

This boy is always up to something—whether it’s chasing your affection, chasing a toy, or his foster brother. Mr. Boris is a total love bug who will curl up with you (or on top of you) while you watch your shows. He’s a very tolerant boy and loves to be picked up and snuggled. This is also the perfect time to get some grooming in; Boris loves to be brushed and he is a fluffy guy! He’s a little bit annoyed that he can’t always have treats on demand, but is very happy to scarf down a Churu or some Temptations (he will follow you to the kitchen every time). Because of his history of ear infections, his new humans will need to keep up with weekly ear cleanings (easy to do at home) to keep our boy from being itchy.


Boris is a very chatty boy, and he’s never far away—he’ll always announce himself with a chirp when he enters the room and will respond back when you call. He is okay with other cats as long as there is a proper introduction process. Boris will do best in a home with another cat buddy that can be his playmate. He is a young active boy who thrives with the perfect balance of stimulating playtime and loving affection.

Boris is fully vetted and completely healthy. Neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed and free of parasites, and negative for FIV/FELV. He has had the works including a dental.


Whoever brings this very special boy into their family will be very lucky. Adoption application and adoption fee will apply!

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