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Be part of a cat’s rescue story. Foster with us!


The cats that we rescue need a safe place to land while they get ready for adoption. Foster volunteers are an essential part of our rescue operation. Becoming a foster volunteer is a truly rewarding experience that enables us to save more lives. 

Fostering FAQs

What would be expected of me as a foster?

Fostering is a fun and rewarding experience, but it is also a commitment and at times a lot of work. As a foster volunteer, you would need to provide a safe environment for the cat, keep up with cleaning in order to keep the cat’s living space healthy and sanitary, spend some time with the cat each day, socializing it so it is a good candidate for adoption, and sometimes assisting with medical treatment or giving medications. Fosters are also an important partner in the adoption process; taking good pictures and videos of the cat, staying in regular contact with the rescue, and perhaps participating in Zoom adoption meet and greets with potential adopters!


Where do foster volunteers need to be located?

Fosters should be located in Brooklyn or Queens, NYC.


Do foster volunteers need to have NO pets of their own?

If you have resident pets of your own you can still foster; in fact most foster volunteers do have pets of their own! You will need to have a space where the foster cat can be kept completely separated from your resident pet(s), at least at first. A bathroom or spare room can work well for this.


How much of a time commitment is fostering?  

Foster cats need love, socialization, and human interaction daily. Ideally you should be able to spend at least 1–2 hours a day with the cat (can be split up). This may vary depending on the situation and the needs of the cat.


The overall length of time of fostering varies and can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We usually ask that you can devote at least a month to fostering, but we will work with you to determine the best fit. We understand that life happens and unexpected changes may come up. If at any point you are unable to continue fostering, please give us as much notice as possible and we will make arrangements for alternate placement of the cat.


What will I have to provide, and what will be provided by the rescue?

All veterinary bills, including medical expenses and medications for the foster cat, are covered by the rescue. We ask that fosters provide food, litter, and any other day-to-day supplies for their foster cat if possible, so that our resources and time can be devoted to our ongoing rescue work. The rescue can lend larger items like a carrier and litter box if needed.


What happens if I need to go out of town, or have an emergency, etc.?

We know that you have a life and things come up. We will always work with our foster volunteers to accommodate trips, emergencies, or anything else. We appreciate receiving as much notice as possible so that we can make arrangements.

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