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Butterball & Jumbotron

These two are the perfect duo! Rambunctious kittens Butterball and Jumbotron will bring joy to any home! 

Butterball has congenital hypothyroidism and will need two pills a day for life, and a little extra monitoring of her appetite and activity level and regular vet checks, but with medication she should stay the loving, playful girl she is now for life! 

Jumbotron is a vocal, bossy, playful little man. He loves food and his sister. He is high energy, but him and Butterball entertain each other well. 

Both are good with other cats and are gentle, affectionate, and attentive.

Butterball and Jumbotron are being adopted out through the Brooklyn Cat Cafe. If interested, please use the link below to apply through their website.

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